Komfort nošení

Professional tool

This headphones are intended to be used for mixing but you can always enjoy listening to your favourite music.

I tried DT770 and read a lot about Beyer headphones before buying and some people complained about being bright and harsh. I've been using Sony MDR7506 for 15 years and this are bright so Beyer sounds neutral in comparison and Sennheisser HD650 sounds darker than Beyer and way more duller than Sony.

But after a learning time (yes, new gear comes with a learning time and the burn in period is not always intended for gear but for ourselves) I found Beyer very balanced and detailed. I wouldn't entirely rely on headphones to mix but I can trust what I'm hearing and don't have surprises when I play my projects through studio monitors.

About impedance: 250ohms is a pretty high number but I have no issues listening to music through phone, laptop, audio interface, mixing console...There's no need to a dedicated headphone amp to run this headphones on healthy levels.

I won't enter into snake oil words like thunderous bass, sparkling highs etc. This headphones are honest. This is the biggest compliment I can say for monitor gear (headphones, monitors, controllers) What you listen is what's on the record. I know my mix is not finished if I don't feel excitement while listening on monitors, crappy radio and Beyer DT1990 Pro headphones.