beyerdynamic M88TG

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Dynamic Microphone

The M88 is a dynamic moving coil microphone for the highest demands. The light properties are almost the same in theory. It reduces the risk of acoustic feedback in transmission systems of any kind to an absolute minimum. In broadcasting and recording studios, it is estimated to be the exceptionally broad transmission range, which ensures that the last tonal subtleties are also recorded. A special suspension of the microphone system suppresses the transmission of structure-borne noise. A compensation coil reduces the influence of external magnetic fields by more than 20 dB.

  • Hypercardioid
  • For singing, sheet, overhead, Bass Drum and Percussion
  • Exceptionally wide frequency response
  • Extremely low feedback
  • Humbucking against extraneous magnetic fields
  • Ruggedised
  • Suitable for high sound pressure levels
  • Frequency response: 30 - 20,000 Hz
  • Nominal Impedance: 200 Ohm
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