Coast HP8R LED Torch

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Coast HP8R rechargeable LED Torch; rechargeable LED flashlight; Luminosity of max. 760 lumens; Light range up to 213 meters; The battery can be charged separately outside the lamp while you are using the supplied battery compartment; "Quick-Cycle-Switch" allows you to choose between the 3 available light levels (high, medium, low) by briefly pressing the button several times; Equipped with Coast's "Pure Beam" focus system and the "Twist Focus" you can quickly and easily switch from a very wide light circle for close-up areas to a spot for long-range areas; Dual Power: lithium-ion battery or alkaline 4xAAA battery; Included in delivery: Li-ion battery, battery compartment and 4 x AAA (alkaline) batteries, USB power supply, charging adapter (UK, EU), nylon bag, wrist strap; Technical data :; Light source: LED; Light colour: white; Max. Luminous intensity (high mode and with Li-ion): 760 lumens; Max. Beam range (high mode and with Li-ion): 213 m; Max. light duration (low mode and with Li-ion): 26 h; min. light duration (high mode and alkaline): 30 min .; Charging time: 5 - 8 h; Housing: aluminum; Color: Black; Length: 156 mm; Weight: 204 g;

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