Laserworld BeamBar 10R-638

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Laserworld BeamBar 10R-638 with 10 red single beam outlets with great beam visibility, analog modulation and a guaranteed output power of 1.200mW. The BeamBar 10R-638 can be controlled through 13 DMX channels, so each diode can be controlled individually. Thus it's possible to create many different chaser, beam or fan effects. Power Red: 10 x 120mW / 638nm; Beam Specifications: <3.0mm / <1.5mrad; Laser Sources: Diode; Laser Class: 3B; Operation Modes: DMX, Stand-alone, Sound-to-Light, master-slave; Accessories: Interlock connector, manual, key; Power Supply: 100V - 250V AC 50/60Hz; Power Consumption: 50W; Dimensions: 1000 x 160 x 80mm (l x w x h); Weight: 9.0kg;
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