Unbelievable quality

I never thought that I would spend so much on a guitar case, but I now understand why these cost so much.

Every other case that I've owned have started to show their age after just a few months. I've had this case for a few months and it looks brand new. Any stain it gets wipes off very easily. I saw reviews online of people owning them for 5 years and saying that they don't show their age at all. I can believe this.

I bought this for my Furch Little Jane - I don't always want to fold it up and down between gigs and sets. It fits perfectly (I was worried that it would be too big).

There is space for everything I need when I go out - wallet, phone, keys, cables, spare strings, iPad and all of my picks and capos. I can also attach my Pedaltrain Nano to the back.

The case is very strong and solid - so much so that I once nearly went to a gig without the guitar inside! It really looks after your instrument well - it's fallen over a few times and the guitar didn't even go out of tune.

I'm thinking of getting another for my electric guitar.