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Fachbuch zu modularen Synthesizern

  • das neue Buch über modulare Synthesizer, ihre Macher und Meister
  • von Kim Bjørn und Chris Meyer
  • Vorwort von Suzanne Ciani
  • herausgegeben von Paul Nagle
  • Diagramme in Vollfarbe
  • Hardcover
  • 367 Seiten
  • Abmessungen: 245 x 245 mm
  • in englischer Sprache


  • Exploration, explanation,and demystification of a range of topics relevant to anyone interested in modular synths or just synthesis itself
  • comprehensive introduction to synthesis and its history
  • sections on concepts, purpose,and creative possibilities of specific modules
  • presentations of both popular and rare modules, semi-modular and software
  • interviews with significant creators and major artists
  • learn about their systems, philosophies,and patching secrets
  • performance tips
  • techniques for patching and how to get started


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