The best headphones for the price.

First off, I really like these headphones.

To me, it has a very neutral and accurate sound across the sound spectrum, which makes sense, since these are designed for professional monitoring. Because of this, these may not the best choice for casual music listeners, if they expect a huge, bassy sound, akin to most Hi-Fi systems with exaggerated low-end.

These are closed back, but doesn't feel as such. They have an nice, "open" sound. A consequence of this is, that they aren't as sound-isolated as other closed back headphones. This may or may not be an issue with certain things, like recording vocals.

They are very comfortable to wear, even for extended sessions.

They also fold and come with a nice bag for easy transport.

The cable is interchangeable with three different cables (one long, one short and a coiled one) that come packaged, which is a neat touch.

All in all, I'd recommend these headphones to all looking for quality sound.