Hohner Harmonica In. Workshop Toolkit

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Tool Service Set

  • Includes instructions for professional players and aspiring harmonica technicians
  • Reed adjustment can be adapted to every player's own playing preferences
  • Contains high-quality tools for tuning
  • Allows for all kinds of adjustments and repairs to be made (cleaning, maintenance, servicing of the instrument)
  • Fine adjustment possibilities in accordance to each players' needs

Set includes:

  • Combination de-riveting tool - special pliers to remove old rivets and to punch new holes before gluing over the top of the screw head. Comes with two different interchangeable inserts.
  • Reamer 1.4 - For reaming up reedplates and reeds to fit new stud dimensions
  • Universal holder - Holds the reamer and is also used when setting the stud to the reed plate
  • Drill part - For deburring reed plates as well as new reeds
  • Tap 1.4 - Cuts an M1.4 thread into the reed plate
  • Screwdriver - For screwing in the new stud
  • Star nut spanner - For screwing special nuts to the stud holding the replacement reed
  • Special M1.4 nut - For screwing to the locking stud in order to attach new reeds
  • M1.4 locking stud - For the permanent fitting of new reeds to the reed plate

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