6. Controlling the Computer Based Studio

Replacing a hardware studio with a computer based one offers enormous potential, but when access to this potential is restricted to a mouse and keyboard, engineers often find themselves frustrated. Thankfully, there are a large number of controller products on the market that give back tactile control to software based systems. Control surfaces typically connect to the computer via MIDI, or these days USB, and can provide banks of faders, knobs and other controls such as transport buttons, scrub wheels and drum pads. But they're not just for mixing - the same hardware can be employed to control the parameters of software instruments and effects plug-ins. Most music software allows you to map a controller's individual knobs and faders to pretty much any of its parameters, and even to use multiple controllers at the same time. Computer technology has brought about a revolution in the way the studio is controlled - we're now seeing touchscreen technology being used, along with other innovations such as wireless interaction and vinyl timecode - the Nintendo Wii has even been coerced into triggering loops!

As with sound quality, at the very top end of the market there are still some who maintain that they can only work with traditional analogue hardware, considering the tweaking of an actual potentiometer to be superior to moving a knob controlling a computer-emulated version. But at the end of the day, budgetary considerations must be taken into account, and the computer certainly wins hands down there. Whatever the arguments about the ultimate in audio, computer based studios offer some very high quality and useful tools, and are the overwhelming choice of most musicians these days –if you do decide to take the computer route, you'll certainly be in good company.

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Produkter med de bedste anmeldelser

  1. RME Fireface UC

    RME Fire­face UC

    på lager
    6.399 DKK
    7.838,19 DKK
  2. RME Fireface UCX

    RME Fire­face UCX

    på lager
    8.799 DKK
    9.706,21 DKK
  3. RME Babyface Pro

    RME Baby­face Pro

    på lager
    4.690 DKK
    5.596,57 DKK
  4. Zoom LiveTrak L-12

    Zoom Live­Trak L-12

    på lager
    3.699 DKK
    5.770,75 DKK
  5. Yamaha THR10X

    Yamaha THR10X

    på lager
    2.090 DKK
  6. Steinberg UR44

    Ste­in­berg UR44

    på lager
    2.038 DKK
    2.450,84 DKK
  7. Yamaha THR10C

    Yamaha THR10C

    på lager
    2.090 DKK
  8. Yamaha THR10 V2

    Yamaha THR10 V2

    på lager
    2.090 DKK
  9. Audient iD22

    Audient iD22

    på lager
    2.699 DKK
    3.056,07 DKK
  10. Native Instruments Traktor Scratch A6

    Native Instru­ments Traktor Scratch A6

    på lager
    1.733 DKK
    2.234,15 DKK
  11. Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2nd Gen

    Focus­rite Scar­lett Solo 2nd Gen

    Produktet er udsolgt
    666 DKK
    821,85 DKK
  12. Yamaha THR5 V2

    Yamaha THR5 V2

    på anfordring
    1.444 DKK
  13. Audient iD14

    Audient iD14

    på lager
    1.699 DKK
    1.860,54 DKK
  14. Steinberg UR242

    Ste­in­berg UR242

    på lager
    1.199 DKK
    1.636,08 DKK
  15. Yamaha AG06

    Yamaha AG06

    på lager
    1.158 DKK

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De mest populære produkter

  1. Midas Neutron

    Midas Neutron

    på lager
    117.681 DKK
  2. Waves SG Server One-C

    Waves SG Server One-C

    på lager
    9.299 DKK
  3. RME HDSPe Madi FX

    RME HDSPe Madi FX

    på lager
    11.666 DKK
  4. Antelope Zen Tour

    Ante­lope Zen Tour

    på lager
    12.777 DKK
  5. Universal Audio Arrow

    Uni­versal Audio Arrow

    på lager
    3.699 DKK
    4.436,98 DKK
  6. BandLab Link Analog

    BandLab Link Analog

    på lager
    373 DKK
  7. Waves SG Extreme Server V3

    Waves SG Extreme Server V3

    på lager
    18.999 DKK
  8. Waves Waves SoundGrid Server One V3

    Waves Waves Sound­Grid Server One V3

    på lager
    10.190 DKK
  9. Lynx Studio E22

    Lynx Studio E22

    på lager
    6.499 DKK
  10. Avid Pro Tools Ult TB Core+Software

    Avid Pro Tools Ult TB Core+Software

    på lager
    23.777 DKK
  11. Universal Audio Apollo x6

    Uni­versal Audio Apollo x6

    på lager
    16.333 DKK
    19.552,96 DKK
  12. Marian TDM-SyncBus Cable x4

    Marian TDM-Syn­cBus Cable x4

    på lager
    68 DKK
  13. Apogee Symphony I/O Module A2X6 SE

    Apogee Symp­hony I/O Module A2X6 SE

    på lager
    14.444 DKK
    19.108,37 DKK
  14. Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite USB Quad

    Uni­versal Audio UAD-2 Satel­lite USB Quad

    på lager
    5.899 DKK
    7.104,51 DKK
  15. Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite TB3 Quad

    Uni­versal Audio UAD-2 Satel­lite TB3 Quad

    på lager
    5.899 DKK
    7.105,93 DKK