DMX-controlled light effects - we will take you behind the scenes!

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Welcome to the DMX online Guide.

DMX was standardised in 1990. Ever since, it has been a ubiquitous component of lighting applications thanks to its reliability and stability. A potential successor technology, network systems, is available, but many simply don't want to give up their trusty DMX signal.

In these pages, we will try to explain how DMX works, all the aspects it involves and also how long we believe it will continue to play a part.

Our online guide extends over several pages. You can directly access each topic you wish to learn more about by clicking the link in the index at the bottom of this page.

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Produkter med de bedste anmeldelser

  1. Botex DC-2448 Light Operator

    Botex DC-2448 Light Ope­rator

    på lager
    1.890 DKK
  2. Stairville DDC-12 DMX Controller

    Stair­ville DDC-12 DMX Con­troller

    på lager
    444 DKK
  3. Stairville DMX-Master 3 - FX

    Stair­ville DMX-Master 3 - FX

    på lager
    1.333 DKK
  4. Stairville DMX-Master I

    Stair­ville DMX-Master I

    på lager
    829 DKK
  5. Stairville DMX-Master I B-Stock

    Stair­ville DMX-Master I B-Stock

    på lager
    711 DKK
  6. Stairville DMX-Master MK II ENC

    Stair­ville DMX-Master MK II ENC

    på lager
    829 DKK
  7. Stairville DMX-Master I Bundle

    Stair­ville DMX-Master I Bundle

    på lager
    935 DKK
  8. Stairville DDC-6 DMX Controller

    Stair­ville DDC-6 DMX Con­troller

    på lager
    259 DKK
  9. Stairville DMX-Master I Tour Bundle

    Stair­ville DMX-Master I Tour Bundle

    på lager
    1.390 DKK
  10. Stairville LED Commander 16/2

    Stair­ville LED Com­mander 16/​2

    På lager inden for cirka en uge
    966 DKK
  11. Enttec DMXIS (Logic, Ableton, Cubase)

    Enttec DMXIS (Logic, Ableton, Cubase)

    på lager
    2.111 DKK
    2.398,67 DKK
  12. Daslight DVC4 Gold

    Das­light DVC4 Gold

    på lager
    2.699 DKK
    3.270,13 DKK
  13. Sunlite Sushi-DS Smart DMX Interface

    Sun­lite Sushi-DS Smart DMX Inter­face

    på lager
    162 DKK
  14. Cameo Control 6 - DMX Controller

    Cameo Con­trol 6 - DMX Con­troller

    på lager
    329 DKK
    438,85 DKK
  15. Showtec SC-2412 DMX Lighting Desk

    Showtec SC-2412 DMX Ligh­ting Desk

    på lager
    955 DKK
    1.597,73 DKK

Populære mærker

  • ETC
  • Major
  • Sunlite
  • Zero 88
  • Brennenstuhl
  • Avolites
  • Litecraft
  • Behringer
  • Expolite
  • Fun Generation
  • MA Lighting
  • Showtec

De mest populære produkter

  1. Stairville Led Bar 240/8 RGB DMX 30°

    Stair­ville Led Bar 240/​8 RGB DMX 30°

    på lager
    485 DKK
  2. Stairville xBrick Quad 16x8W RGBW

    Stair­ville xBrick Quad 16x8W RGBW

    på lager
    1.111 DKK
  3. Eurolite LED Multi FX Laser Bar

    Euro­lite LED Multi FX Laser Bar

    på lager
    1.355 DKK
    2.026,99 DKK
  4. Stairville CLB2.4 Compact LED Par System

    Stair­ville CLB2.4 Com­pact LED Par System

    på lager
    1.019 DKK
  5. pro snake TPD-3 2 FM

    pro snake TPD-3 2 FM

    på lager
    36 DKK
  6. Stairville LED Pixel Rail 40 RGB MKII

    Stair­ville LED Pixel Rail 40 RGB MKII

    på lager
    735 DKK
  7. Fun Generation LED Diamond Dome RGBWA UV 6in1

    Fun Gene­ra­tion LED Dia­mond Dome RGBWA UV 6in1

    på lager
    266 DKK
  8. Ape Labs ApeLight maxi - Set of 6 Tour

    Ape Labs Ape­Light maxi - Set of 6 Tour

    på lager
    12.090 DKK
  9. Stairville LED BossFx-1 Pro Bundle Comple

    Stair­ville LED BossFx-1 Pro Bundle Comple

    på lager
    2.599 DKK
  10. Ape Labs LightCan SE - Set of 12 Road

    Ape Labs Ligh­tCan SE - Set of 12 Road

    på lager
    8.999 DKK
    9.639,92 DKK
  11. Stairville PWR-DMX5P Hybrid-Cable 3,0m

    Stair­ville PWR-DMX5P Hybrid-Cable 3,0m

    på lager
    366 DKK
  12. Stairville CLB4 RGB Compact LED Bar 4

    Stair­ville CLB4 RGB Com­pact LED Bar 4

    på lager
    1.490 DKK
  13. Ape Labs LightCan SE - Set of 4

    Ape Labs Ligh­tCan SE - Set of 4

    på lager
    2.869 DKK
    3.183,55 DKK
  14. Cameo Storm LED/Laser Effekt

    Cameo Storm LED/​Laser Effekt

    på lager
    1.333 DKK
    1.762,86 DKK
  15. Stairville PWR-DMX5P Hybrid-Cable 5,0m

    Stair­ville PWR-DMX5P Hybrid-Cable 5,0m

    på lager
    419 DKK