No More Catering Service Looks but Professional

Before I bought 4 of these cases, I was using a plastic storage box (almost the same size) which I purchased from a local store and there were 6 boxes all in all for my CEE, IEC, DMX, AC extension cables, 7x10w led flat pars, 60w moving heads and more. The moment I found this accessory box, I was so excited to get rid and replace all the plastic storage boxes I have, since it looks like meant for catering service. :)

I ordered 4 during my first purchase and quickly added 2 more and probably will add more as my setup grows bigger. I love these cases. It's making sure my investments are safe, secure and protected to last long.

I have no negative comments and probably would never find one unless you put too much into it and you usually go solo on a gig. That's when you need to mount wheels on one of these and put one or two on the top which what I exactly did to mine. :)

Absolutely worth spending money.

Protect your investments now! Cheers and blessings!