C.A. Seydel Söhne Harmonica Disinfection Bag

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Ozone Generator

  • Safely disinfects all harmonicas with UV light and ozone
  • Especially strong UV light (185 nm) in the silicone bag converts atmospheric oxygen (O2) into highly reactive ozone (O3)
  • Even in low concentrations, ozone is able to effectively kill bacteria and fungi and deactivate viruses with a very high effectiveness of up to 99%
  • The gaseous ozone is also effective in places inside a harmonica that are otherwise hard to reach and is effective against unpleasant odours of all kinds
  • The device is used for disinfection, but not the mechanical cleaning of the instrument - disinfection is always the last step in a complete cleaning
  • Effectively disinfects without liquids or residues - ideal for all chromatic harmonicas and other ventilated models
  • Also helps to restore old harmonicas because unpleasant odours are neutralised
  • Rechargeable battery: With the included micro USB cable, the device can be fully recharged with any standard USB charger within about one to two hours

Note: Harmonicas are not included.

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