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Textbook and DVD

  • "Gut Aufgelegt!" - THE textbook for DJing (including DVD)
  • By Dirk Duske alias Double D
  • Tutorials on vinyl and digital DJing, including drawings, screenshots, exercises and tips
  • Crash course on DJ culture and history including development of house, dance and black music
  • Tips for: Equipment, Mixing, Scratching and Beat-juggling
  • Information GEMA, Taxes, Marketing and Producing
  • 840 Pages
  • German language
  • 10th Completely revised edition
  • ISBN-13 978-3980930352
  • Includes DVD "Gut Aufgelegt!" with Dirk Duske and Kenny D (Phlatline)

Contents of the textbook: Information on requirements for professional DJing

  • Conditions of the tax office
  • Tax return
  • First gig
  • Dramaturgical structure of the set
  • Information on fees
  • Career Structure
  • "Blunders"
  • Sampling and production of the first board
  • Content: History
  • Equipment
  • Skills
  • Records
  • Gig, Business
  • Producing
  • Future
  • Success
  • Attachment

Features of the DVD "Gut Aufgelegt!" with Dirk Duske and Kenny D (Phlatline):

  • Three different camera perspectives
  • Equipment
  • Ventilation matching
  • Mixing
  • Scratching
  • Beat-juggling
  • Documentary featuring DJs like Afrika Bambaataa, Sven Väth, Jazzy Jeff, Premier, Kevin Saunderson, Westbam, DJ HELL, Chris Liebing, Dr. Motte, and many more

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