Voggenreiter Kropp Blues Harp Schule 2

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Teach Yourself Book for the Blues Harp / Harmonica

  • Volume 2: For diatonic blues harps in C major and A major
  • ISBN 978-3-8024-1029-1, Publisher's No. 1029-1
  • 180 pages
  • German language version
  • Incl. 2 CDs with demos and backing tracks as well as audio examples and exercises

Content includes:

  • Lip blocking vs. Tongue blocking
  • The use of the tongue muscles
  • Chugging
  • Rhythm Skills - The rhythmic accompaniment
  • Blues playing in 1st position / straight harp
  • The upper octave
  • Blow note bending
  • Blues songs with vocals
  • How do I accompany singers?
  • 12 Bar blues with vocals
  • Call-and-response
  • Blues playing in 3rd position / double cross harp
  • The harp (harmonica) in major and minor
  • Electrically amplified blues harps


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