Acoustic Music Basic Fingerstyle Collection

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Music Book

If you start playing fingerstyle guitar, you want to quickly learn songs that sound good, are fun while practicing, and still are easy. Franco Morone went on a search, and during his many years of teaching, he collected suitable pieces, arranged the style for the fingerstyle guitar and tested it in practice with his students. In doing so he made use of well-known traditionals, but he also put six beautiful compositions to one side. The result is an attractive collection that guarantees fun and fast learning. At the same time, the playing skills of the guitarist are further developed. The well-founded didactic structure, the preliminary exercises and tips also make the edition a practical introduction to the game of the fingerstyle guitar.

  • Basic Fingerstyle Collection
  • By Franco Morone: Easy pieces to get started in the acoustic fingerstyle guitar
  • In standard notation and tablature
  • Songs that make fun while practicing, guarantee learning success and sound good
  • Styled for fingerstyle guitar and tested in school practice
  • Well-known traditionals in addition to beautiful original compositions
  • Simultaneous development of technical skills
  • Includes preliminary exercises and tips
  • In German and English language
  • With CD


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