Quality mixer without breaking the bank

I started to look for 2-channel DJ mixer to be paired with turntables that I?m planning to buy in near future. My DJ friend recommended this particular mixer saying that it?s good value for the money and excellent starting point for a beginner DJ.

After getting the mixer, I totally agree with my friend - the mixer is built like a tank, pots seem to be top notch quality and all the essential features are there to start mixing from four different audio sources, as this mixer is essentially 2/2-channel mixer.

So far the sound quality of this mixer has turned out to be excellent, at least with line level -sources like smartphones and computers etc. The sound is all the way smooth yet transparent and with the 3-band EQ section you really can tailor the sound to your taste.

This here mixer has also FX loop for external effects processors. This is essential feature for me because I?m planning to expand tonal possibilites beyond the built-in high- and low pass filter function (which by the way sounds very organic).

The only minor con that I can think of is the crossfader (which is replaceable). It feels a little too frail to me, but this is no problem to me because instead of scratching I?m planning to play house/techno music with smooth transitions.