Excellent intro to modular

Not sure if there exists a more cost efficient way to dip your toes in the extremely non-cost-efficient Eurocrack pool. Gateway drug for sure but hey, you already knew that going in. Great sounding oscillators, pretty much all the useful utility modules you’d need and decent midi connectivity.

Not too keen on the lowpass filter design, it was the first thing I replaced with much better (to my taste) eurorack module. Also, cv midi clock out and a proper line in with amplification would have been a killer but for the price there’s nothing else quite like it. The overdrive module is a bit of an acquired taste but pretty much anything can be bypassed.

Just understand this – within 6 months of owning this thing I was already soldering my own DIY modules and bought another one + 1000€ worth of other eurorack modules. It wont stop there. This will happen to you too.