Gateway to modular for beginners, great addition for adepts

The Behringer Neutron is a semi-modular, paraphonic analogue (apart from the digital LFO) synthesizer. If you are looking for best sounds for the price, and are not afraid to spend some time exploring its possibilities, you should consider the Neutron.

First of all, this is not a clone. It is a fresh take on a two-oscillator paraphonic, semi-modular, eurorack compatible synthesizer. The sounds are pure analog gold throughout the signal path. The 3340 oscillators sound great, and the possibility to sweep waveshapes brings new experimental possibilities. The MOFFAT filter has real in-your-face character, albeit from being a 2-pole filter. The unexpected addition of great sounding analog effects, the delay and the overdrive, make this a really versatile piece of gear.

The cons are about understanding the signal path. You really need to research to know, what the pre-patched signal path is to understand the full potential of the Neutron. I have also heard about the issues with product support, but for the price I was not surprised.