My main tool and quite happy with it

I've built a whole youtube channel around this thing and I'm super happy with it. Overall it's a great looper, has nice effects and is built sturdy. I mostly use my voice, beatbox and all sorts of different instruments. Rarely guitar or bass, which I guess it's designed for.

You can check what kinds of tunes I've made with it on youtube: Elossa - Looping Every Day

Pro: Build quality. Sliders for track volume is super handy. Input volume knobs help control everything that you're looping or playing on the side. It's very customizable once you get to know the manual and the menu. The sound isn't maybe up to some standards but I like it. Phantom power is one of the big reasons I got this. I'm using a large diaphram mic and it's great to be able to loop some very quiet and sensitive sounds too. There's probably plenty I'm forgetting to praise.

I can sync it up with my Arturia Beatstep Pro as MIDI master and so my modular synth is also in time with my loops! That's super awesome!

Con: The build quality does bring weight to the machine, which I guess is just something you have to consider if it's worth the sweating. I say it is, though.

Some of the effects aren't that smooth. For instance the octaver and the bend effects, which I use A LOT, are sometimes a bit granular and messy with some notes. So you have to kind of learn how to work around that to get clean bass notes.

The menu can be a bit difficult and overwhelming.

It cannot do MIDI slave mode. Only master.

I notice I would really like to have at least one switch pedal for this so switching the effects would take less time. It's possible sure but I just wish it would be easy enough out-of-the-box.

So after one year of use, I'm still very happy with it. The little cons you learn to work around and there's still a lot I haven't looked into. There's several outputs for the audio with the possibility to route them as you please and that could be used in many interesting ways.

Over the RC-505 I prefer this for the build quality and that it's used by foot which is essential for me. Very happy with my choice.