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Choir ManualA guide for musicians, teachers, educators, choirmasters, artists of all disciplines, therapists, trainers, group leaders, singers and all those who have not sung so far and want to discover singing for themselves. The innovative choral work almost dispenses with the score and puts the joy of singing together and experimenting with the voice in the foreground. There is a lot to listen to. Circlesongs (improvised songs based on rhythmic patterns and ostinati) and warmups relax the voice in phases and are particularly suitable for performing with groups at different musical levels. A "tool box" provides choirmasters with a colorful palette of hand signals that the choir can use to arrange and harmonize its own pieces - be it in the choir rehearsal or the meditative choir concert.

  • Singing without notes
  • By Michael Betzner-Brandt
  • Circlesongs, vocal games, sound concepts
  • Toolbox for arranging new or known pieces by hand
  • Essay on improvisation and voice
  • Includes CD-Rom with demo recordings in MP3 format as well as additional work material as PDF files
  • Format: DIN A4
  • ISBN 9783764928056, catalogue no. BE2805
  • 95 Pages
  • In German language


  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Warm-Up!
  • Circle Songs
  • What is a circlesong?
  • Circle Song basic exercises
  • Arranging with hand sign
  • Themes and forms for Circlesongs
  • Non-musical topics
  • Irregular time signatures
  • Harmony models
  • Circle songs as accompaniment
  • Improvisation or composition?
  • Experimental music
  • Linguistic music
  • Meditative choir music
  • List of audio samples and working materials


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