C.A. Seydel Söhne Soundcheck Vol. 4 - Orchestra

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Harmonicas Set for Beginners

  • Contains an ORCHESTRA S in LC (orchestra solo tuning) and a tutorial with accompanying CD


  • Tunning: LC
  • Compact design with 10 tip openings solo tuned
  • Extended range in the lower register (Orchestra tuning)
  • 20 Stainless steel reeds
  • Rivets, sound cover and screw connection made of stainless steel
  • Reed plates made of corrosion-resistant nickel silver
  • Case made of lip-friendly transparent, carmine-red ABS plastic (with internal tuning plates)


  • Sure interaction of individual tones
  • Proper breathing
  • Simple exercises that make it easier to get started
  • Completely without grades or musical education
  • Tips for independently developing melodies by ear and with tabs
  • Lots of playing tips to get to know the instrument better
  • Ten beautiful pieces of music with harmonica tablature - with slowly played melody and playback tracks on CD

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