Emedia Piano für Dummies - Win

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Interactive Learning Software (Download)

  • Fast and easy, with a step-by-step approach to impressive results for playing the piano or keyboard
  • With over 150 lesson units
  • High-resolution videos, live audio recordings, and MIDI tracks that can be adjusted to the tempo and used as accompaniment for the included songs and exercises
  • Immediate feedback on playing mistakes when using a MIDI keyboard
  • Learn to read notes with the help of an animated piano keyboard
  • Exercises on musical theory and ear training
  • Fingerings are displayed during playback
  • Personalised evaluations document the learning progress
  • Contains a metronome as well as recording function
  • Over 30 videos and 50 songs
  • Note: Language version: German


  • System requirements: From Windows Vista, internet connection


Yhteyshenkilösi: Studio/Synth/Computer