Emerson Custom J-Bass 250K Prewired Kit

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Pre-wired Electronic Replacement Set for J-style Basses

  • Hand-crafted with hand-selected premium audio quality parts for improved clarity and response from your pickups
  • Helps to "warm up" or tame the shrill and sterile sound of some stock electronics
  • Controls: Volume Neck, Volume Bridge, Master Tone
  • For import guitars you may need to enlarge the holes for the higher quality US spec electronics to fit and also you may need US Spec knobs


  • 3 Potis Emerson PRO CTS 250 kΩ with 6.53 mm (1/4") corrugation axis and 9.52 mm (3/8") thread diameter
  • 1 Switchcraft 1/4 mono jack (prewired)
  • 1 0.04 7uf Emerson paper-in-oil condenser
  • 1 Volume Mod (Treble Bleed switch; Retains Clarity when rolling back volume knob)
  • Circuit diagram (only suitable for pickguard mounting)

Note: Pickups are not included. For non-US models, it may be necessary to use US Spec Poti knobs and increase the holes for slightly larger US Spec Potis.


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