Great product for dual casting setups

First i want to tell about the only bad side of the product and that is software interface. For someone who got this solely for the control software, the software is way too difficult to handle and should have more options to split up the signals. I bought this so i can configure a dual casting setup for streaming and for that purpose this product is perfect for the price. It is just a bit difficult to make caster 1 mic drive its signal to caster 2 headphones and vice versa and also send both outputs to stream, but its possible. I think Focusrite has always had issues with software and drivers.

What comes to other quality... well it's Focusrite. It just delivers in sound and latency. Amazing product, amazing preamps and quality. I sometimes use this for recording guitars and vocals, so for that it works perfect also. The DI-signal is full of detail and clarity, and the gain lights help set the correct gain easily. Everything else, like the air and pad modes is just extra. Also divided monitor and headphone volume is good to have too.