Backbeat Books Gibson 335 Guitar Book

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Guitar Textbook

  • By Tony Bacon
  • The Gibson 335 Guitar Book tells the story of Gibson's ES-335 and related models
  • Played by B.B. King, Alvin Lee, Eric Clapton and other virtuosos
  • Full of great guitars, famous players and fascinating historical details
  • From Gibson's first Thinline models to the company's own instruments and modern re-creations
  • With full colour pictures of the most important guitars and players
  • In English
  • ISBN 978-1-4950-0152-9
  • 159 Pages

Players include:

  • Larry Carlton
  • Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters)
  • Peter Hayes (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)
  • Justin Hayward (Moody Blues)
  • Eric Clapton
  • Pepper Keenan (Down)
  • B.B. King
  • Elvin Bishop (Butterfield Blues Band)
  • Alvin Lee (Ten Years After)
  • Alex Lifeson (Rush)
  • Eddie Phillips (The Creation)
  • Johnny Marr (The Smiths)
  • Lee Ritenour
  • Andy Summers (The Police)
  • Bill Nelson (Be-Bop Deluxe)
  • Andrew White (Kaiser Chiefs), and many more

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