Isovox Mobile Vocal Booth V2 Midnight

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Isovox Mobile Vocal Booth V2 Midnight, pro-vocal-studio in a box; practice & record pro-vocals at home with up to -35 db in sound reduction; patented 360 xyz pro-acoustics; shields & protects against unwanted room sound / reflections & coloration; vocal sound stays inside and gets absorbed, diffused & clarity-enhanced by the patented internal acoustic-system; an rcd-shield protects the microphone from outside sound, ex. fans, traffic & wind & neighbors; photo/video view feature, detachable side-panels; integrated cable channel; easy zipper & velcro assembly. 100 % portable; fits standard pa-speaker stand 35-38 mm; fits many pop-shields; 5/8" mic adapter included; flex-on mount 2, a mic mount that snaps-on to almost any studio-microphone; designed for: pro-vocal recording ; pro-vocal practicing; pro-voice-over ; pro studios; music schools; dimensions LBH: 800 x 490 x 480 mm, weight: 11kg

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