Keys Experts Verlag CLP-600 Smart Pianist PB

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Tuotteen tiedot

Instrument Reference Book

  • CLP-600/ Smart Pianist Practice Book - Topics Explained in Closed Workshops
  • 80 Pages / ring binder
  • Helpful tips & tricks
  • Digitize your Clavinova - with the help of the free Smart Pianist App you have many new functions at your disposal
  • Installation / Connection possibilities
  • Play by notes with hundreds of piano exercises
  • Present all your favourite songs in sheet music (Internet)
  • "Intonate" your own grand piano with the possibilities of a piano technician
  • Analyse your audio titles (e.g. mp3) and accompany them by chord symbols in all keys/tempi
  • Create your own registrations
  • Note display of own recordings
  • Language: German


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