Mapex TND5044TC Tornado Studio FJ

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Mapex TND5044TC Drumset from the Tornado Series, Studio Version, covered Shells in Color Brown Wood Grain (FJ), Shells in Basswood, complete Set containing 20"x16" Bass Drum, 10"x08" - 12"x09" Tom Toms, 14"x14" Floortom, 14"x5,5" Snare Drum, included 4 pcs. Hardwareset containing a C200 straight Cymbalstand, H200 Hi-Hat, P200 Bass Drum Pedal, S200 Snare Stand, T250 Drummer Throne and 14" Hi-Hat and 16" Crash Cymbal, Thomann exclusive

Yhteyshenkilösi: Rummut

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