Moeck 1026 Flauto Penta

66 € Sisältää arvonlisäveron, ei sisällä toimituskuluja
Arvioitu toimituspäivä Maanantai, 30.11. - Tiistai, 1.12.

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Pentatonic Recorder

  • Made entirely of maple wood
  • Includes grease, cleaning rod and case
  • Range: d2-e2-g2-a2-b2-d3-e3

The pentatonic scale based on five different pitches already existed in ancient cultures as well as in folk music. The scale intervals consist of different combinations of major 2nds and minor 3rds (like the black keys on a piano). Since there are no semi-tones and consequently no leading notes, every pitch can take over the function of a beginning, central or closing note. Pentatonic melodies have a floating character and form pleasant harmonies combined with other notes. This tone system is very suitable for working with very young children and also in music therapy.

Yhteyshenkilösi: Puhallinosasto

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