Palmer PGA04-8 Ohm

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Passive Mono DI Box

Palmer ADIG-LB is the consistent further development of our legendary speaker simulator PDI03, which has proven itself worldwide in the recording studios and by well-known artists such as Keith Richards / Rolling Stones, Alex Lifeson / Rush, Warren Curcurullo / Duran Duran or Eddie van Halen and Def Leppard, to name but a few. The ADIG-LB is connected in place of a speaker cab, facilitating direct recording of guitar signals into the mixer without "acoustic environmental pollution" through a "cracked" guitar amplifier. An extensive, special filter section allows the signal to be influenced within wide limits, as is not possible with conventional EQ circuits. The device operates without additional power supply.

  • Loadbox: jack input for loudspeaker signal with parallel jack for looping the signal, if a loudspeaker box is to be connected (as monitor in stage operation).
  • Input impedance of the load box: 8 Ohm, max. Input power 120 W RMS
  • Display of input power: 6-pin LED chain
  • Outputs: 2 unbalanced phone jacks, floating, a balanced XLR connector.
  • Output impedances: 10 kOhm jack, XLR 600 Ohm.
  • Level: 0 dBu Unbalanced, balanced -10 dBu at 25 watts input power.
  • Controls: Volume Filter, LOW, HIGH, LITE / BROWN-switch for tone shaping
  • Full range volume delivers unfiltered sound, combined with the HI-CUT switch, the very bright sound of 10" speakers can be simulated with this control.
  • Both controls are miscible
  • Size 19", 1U
  • 5 Year warranty

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