Peavey Delta Blues 115 Tweed

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All-Tube Guitar Combo

The name Peavey used to stand for very inexpensive amps of average quality. In the interim, however, they have since worked their way up into the higher echelons of the amp class system - which is most recently evident with the specially tailor-made for Eddie Van Halen 5150 amp. The Peavey Classic Series of all-tube amps have become some of the most popular tube amps ever, which is partly still due to the reasonable price (for tube amps), but also due to the really good sound of their components.

The Delta Blues 115 Tweed delivers 30 watts from 4x EL84 power tubes to a 15" Blue Marvel speaker. Add into the bargain the classic tremolo effect and reminisces of classical guitar amps start to appear. Due to the speaker components, the amp sounds incredibly full and warm. On a side note, Mr. SRV often used a 15" speaker, which is arguably in itself the best recommendation for trying it out! There is also a modern lead channel, which simply put, is quite rocking.

Visually the Delta Blues really succeeds - with more than just a touch of that classic look.

  • Delta Blues Series
  • 30 W
  • 1x 15" Celestion Speaker
  • Preamp tubes: 3x 12AX7
  • Power tubes: 4x EL84
  • 2 Channels
  • Tremolo with controls for speed and intensity
  • Separate volume controls for the clean and lead channels
  • 3-Band EQ
  • Dimensions: 57.2 x 52.3 x 28.2 cm
  • Weight: 21.2 kg
  • Tweed cover

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