Looks good but not so good after all

Bought this cable 'cause I needed just a cable and this was quite cheap. At first sight the cable looks and feels much better than the price would imply. Cable quality is OK, there's no disturbance in the signal and everything fits perfectly. I used this cable for maybe just over a year with my monitors connected to my PC. I never moved the cable or did any harm to it and just one day the right speaker mutes. After a minute or two I figured it was the cables Y-connection which had some failure in it. If I slightly move the cable to one direction the speakers might work just fine or then not.

So overall sound quality is just fine and the cable feels better than the cost of it. Cable is not at all durable at least mine wasn't. If you could open the Y-connection piece I would open it and see what's wrong inside it, but it doesn't open without breaking it.