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B-Stock, Reloop Spin, Portable Turntable, Out of the Box: Comes with 7 '' Scratch Vinyl, Pre-Assembled 45mm Crossfader & Pickup System, Built-in Speaker, Bluetooth Audio Receiver, Bluetooth Audio Streaming: Wirelessly Transfer Music or Beats to Turntable, Smart USB Recording: Direct recording of scratches & cuts on USB stick in MP3 format, Can also be used for digitizing records, 3 selectable speeds (33 1/3, 45 & 78 RPM), "Straight tonearm with a lot of stability and transport security, Two headphone ports for listening to records on the move or practicing scratches, Easy charging of the batteries via USB power supply or USB Powerbank (not included), Accurate adjustment of the pitch via pitch control with +/- 20%, Tone Control for cutting or boosting the bass, volume control for AUX input and master / headphone output, power LED informs about operating conditions the turntable, 7 '' vinyl puck adapter with bracket, Can be used with regular USB power supply (5V, 2A), USB power bank or batteries (not included), Incl. 7 '' Scratch Vinyl, Pre-Mounted Pickup System, Slipmat, Cover, Puck Adapter, User Manual and Super Spin Duck Looper App Developed by DJ Babu and the Beat Junkies Institute of Sound, Dimensions 370 x 95 x 260 mm, weight 1,61 kg, B-Stock with full warranty, may have slight traces of use


Yhteyshenkilösi: DJ Department

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