Rockboard LT XL Power Bank CB

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Mobile Power Supply for Effect Pedals

  • Also suitable for charging smartphones and other USB devices
  • 3 High-capacity lithium-ion batteries
  • 6,600 mAh battery capacity
  • Rechargeable while in use
  • ON/OFF switch
  • 2 Separate 9V DC outputs 2.1 x 5.5 mm
  • Polarity (-) inside (each loadable with 1,000 mA)
  • 1 USB output (5 V, 1000 mA)
  • 1 Micro USB input (5V, 1000 mA) for charging
  • Charging status indication via 4 LEDs
  • Charging time approx. 7 h
  • Design: Carbon
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 115 x 22 x 58 mm
  • Weight: 230 g


  • Charger (5 V, 1000 mA)
  • Multiple power adapters for worldwide use
  • 1 USB to Micro USB cable (50 cm)
  • 2 Power cables (50 cm)
  • 1 Five-fold daisy-chain cable (155 cm)
  • 5 Plastic caps to cover unused daisy-chain connectors

Note on disposal: Check your local laws and regulations for the proper disposal of batteries in your country. The following rules apply in Germany: In line with the Battery Directive (Batteriegesetz; BattG), you as the consumer are obligated to return all batteries and rechargeable batteries. Disposal via normal household waste is not permitted! Batteries containing pollutants can be identified by the symbol of a crossed-out wheeled bin and the chemical symbol (Cd = cadmium; Hg = mercury; Pb = lead) of the metal essential for classification. Used batteries and rechargeable batteries can be returned free of charge to our shop, to other outlets where batteries are sold or to public waste management authorities.



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