Great podcast recorder/mixer/USB-interface

With the latest firmware update, Rodecaster finally lives up with expectations.

You can easily mix and record 4 XLR-mics + additional sources such as USB, bluetooth or from 3,5 mm jack, so you can for example take someone on the line over phone or Skype. Mix-minus means the voice won't start to circulate.

You also have buttons where you can store sound effects like intros, outros, ads, applauses, laugh...

Rodecaster Pro can record directly to a micro-SD, but it also acts as USB-interface for your computer allowing you to record on computer, Rodecaster or both simultaneusly, if you like. With the latest firmware update, you can record the mixed stereo-channel, that is, your final output from the mixer, but also each source to separately at the same time at Rodecaster and computer. And these sources are recorded before mixing, meaning that if you need to remix an episode, you can do it by importing the files to your computer for editing.

Considering that the last couple of firmware updates pushed the product forward considerably, I can image there is more refinement coming up later.

Rodecaster Pro is indeed the podcast production studio!