Sherman Filterbank 2 Dual Rack

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Dual rack version

The Sherman filter bank 2 is a musical instrument in a clear distinction from the simple sound shaping of an "ordinary" filter. With two very complex or complex filters, modulations, envelopes, a rich tube distortion and a variety of modular connectivity possibilities, a simple beat can be generated from the simple noise of a loose cable. The device is the right answer for unlimited sound shaping applications once you understand it. In an extraordinary housing and with a legendary manual, the filter bank 2 is unexpectedly functional and also still very beautiful.

  • Dual version with 2x independently built Sherman II filter banks
  • Analog filter and distortion unit with tube overdrive
  • 2 independent low pass, bandpass and highpass filters
  • With resonance, frequency and ADSR (positive-negative) controllers
  • Parallel or serially switchable
  • 19 "rack format


Yhteyshenkilösi: Studio/Synth/Computer