Sommer Cable Epilogue RCA Cable 3,0

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Reference RCA/Audio CableThe EPILOGUE represents the optimum in the field of high-end phono connections in terms of both technology and audiophile performance, and has clearly prevailed over far more expensive products in comparative tests of renowned hi-fi studios.

EPILOGUE is recommended for connecting preamps and power amplifiers, CD and DVD players, turntables and, of course, professional studio technology. In practice, it works almost completely loss-free at lengths of up to 10 m due to its very low capacity.

The EPILOGUE guarantees an absolutely neutral reproduction even without a longer break-in time and is very musical at the same time. It is the reference cable for many Hi-Fi specialists and also in use in the Skyline Studios in Düsseldorf, known worldwide for high-quality productions.

Based on the legendary STRATOS, the EPILOGUE basically consists of four cores in one sheath, which are cross-connected to reduce capacity. Each core is 100% shielded by a dense copper braid and a semiconductor, and provided with a carbon conductor smoothing for better conductivity.

Due to the very complex wiring, the EPILOGUE is offered only as a ready-made set, and special lengths are only available from selected specialist dealers. The connector is a Teflon-insulated HI-CM07-SE / ALU, which has been given a more elaborate shielding - it is not available separately on the market. Please make sure before buying that it is an original cable manufactured by us!

  • Connection for highest demands (pre/amplifier, CD player, DVD, DAT, phono etc.)
  • Phonocable for linear systems, which work without any distortion
  • Used as a balanced high-end connection in reference studios
  • Very neutral, distortion-free and spatial sound pattern for the perfect transmission of even classical instruments
  • Optics in British tradition
  • Reference cable in almost all renowned recording and mastering studios
  • HICON plug connector HI-CM07-SE/ALU gold-plated and modified, Teflon insulated and additional shielding, eg. Neutrik XLR of the 'SATIN' series
  • Extremely low capacitance of 35 pF wire/wire (crossover)
  • One right and one left cable with corresponding identification are supplied.
  • Length: 3 m
  • Quantity: 1 Pair

Note:The cable has been tested on almost all high-end systems of well-known manufacturers, including the reference systems B&W Nautilus & Matrix Series and STAX Headphones Japan).

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