Excellent quality, technology-wise

I found it difficult to find any proper info on the product pre-purchase so I'll explain my practical experience with the curtain's acoustic, heat, light and maintenance properties.

I bought this product to be used as a room divider and to be hung against a bare, highly reflective wall.

Since the cloth is so heavy, I recommend you to have a friend help you with it since it can be a pain to handle alone.

When you get it into place though, it does a beautiful job at taming an echoing room. Note: This is not soundproofing. This is acoustic treatment, meaning that its job is to damp and shorten the echoing time of high sound frequencies. As with any acoustic curtains, the diffusing effect is more dramatic if you buy an excessive amount of cloth and hang it in a pleated manner rather than laid out straight. If you get an excessive amount of it, note that the fabric is so stiff and thick that a tunnel and a rod hanging method probably won't work, but the curtain will need to have eyelets and rings or similar from which it hangs from a rod. If you use the kind of metallic pinchers found from normal window curtain rails, note that a single large piece of this curtain can be far too heavy for the pinchers to hold on to.

Also, note that if you use the curtain as a room divider, it's so heavy that it will block air flow quite efficiently. Make sure that you have ventilation sources on both sides of the curtain or pull the curtain aside when not required in order to allow the area to cool off.

Because the cloth's surface resembles felt with a fleece-like softness, the cloth will shed a lot of tiny wool-like particles when it's new. I don't recommend using the raw cloth in a sleeping space because it will make the air dustier faster than usual. It's great in a working or entertainment space, but you should be prepared to vacuum clean the room a bit more frequently than usual.

The cloth's surface material is a bit tricky at first, and not just because of the loose particles: The cloth is shipped to you folded, and it can take a lot of time for the folds to straighten out. You should NEVER use water or vapour to straighten them out because water destroys the cloth's fireproofing treatment and sort of presses the felty structure tight so that even when the water has dried away, it will leave a mark, an area with a more compressed surface texture than originally. Rain would do the same.

To get rid of the folding marks, just hang the curtain in a way such that its lower edge doesn't rest onto the floor or furniture. It should weigh itself straight eventually.

Because the surface of the cloth is designed to be uneven for the best sound diffusion, it will be a dust magnet, catching any small particles and lint that comes across. To keep the room air healthy to live in, do take a habit of regularly vacuum cleaning the curtain's surface. This will also shorten the amount of dust that it naturally sheds.

There are also two other ways to make it shed less: The raw cut edges will start to fray after some time, shedding a lot, so you should consider making clean, hemmed edges early on. If you're worried about the shedding and dust-gathering altogether or don't want to deal with the cloth's potential surface problems, you can also use this curtain as an inside liner that you cover up with some purely decorative curtain fabric. However, shiny or extremely tightly woven fabrics will reflect more, so be careful not to ruin the original diffusion curtain's purpose by picking the wrong covering.

I've had a similar curtain in black, in front of a window. These curtains block light very well, dark far better than the light ones of course. Be aware of the fact that a black curtain will suck in a lot of heat from artificial lighting and sunlight, and it will release the heat quite slowly, like a radiator. If you need to use the curtain near strong light sources, choose a light colored one if you don't want to get absolutely boiled.

This creme colored curtain makes a very nice and versatile canvas for reflecting various lighting conditions into the space. I have RGB LED lighting pointing at the curtain so any color or intensity that I choose gets projected via the curtain to create comfortable indirect mood lighting.


I'm glad about the purchase and would recommend this product to others.


? Excellent acoustic properties

? Acts as a canvas for lighting

? Fabric's body is extremely durable and well made


? Sheds a lot of dust

? The surface is rather high maintenance in terms of keeping it clean and wrinkle-free

? Can't be washed

? A bit difficult to handle due to its weight