After some months of playing

As a beginner I bought this violin to see if it is as good as everyone implies. Long story short, yes and no.

The longer story: violin is of ok build and for a month or so it felt awesome to play a violin. Now I cannot but hear the difference in this violin versus my teacher's violin. This sounds hollow and lifeless. Also e-string picks up on the higher sounds and resonates wildly, drowning the proper sound unless very carefully bowed. Also the fingerboard has some places that need sanding. The bow is very clunky and unresponsive so investing in a carbon bow is a wise choice.

So the verdict is, yes it is a decent instrument for a complete beginner and will last for a year or two. If you have a background in music I would suggest you to invest a little more and buy a better one. This one will be quickly out-lived. But it is a good teacher in listening to tone differences and learning to handle the bow. A little upgrade after this one will feel so much better.