For the price, a very good subwoofer

I purchased this subwoofer for my home theater and for music listening. The main loudspeakers and the middle speaker of my setup are Behringer Truth 2031A's. The total price tag of the front speaker + subwoofer setup of my home theater is below 700 euros. Judging by the sound, you might guess, that the price tag would be way above 2000 euros...

I'm very happy with the purchase. The subwoofer has all the necessary controls to integrate it properly with the main speakers. The woofer has XLR inputs, but I had no problems connecting it to a regular HiFi pre-amplifier (Sony STR-DA5200ES) using a suitable adapter cable.

As per sound, the quality is good and there's A LOT of it. Although the main speakers are able to produce quite low frequencies alone, the Swissonic Sub10 makes a real difference!

I don't think there are better subwoofers out there for this price. Naturally, with significantly more money, you can buy a subwoofer that goes 10Hz lower all the way to 20Hz, but for regular home use, I think this one delivers what's really needed. Highly Recommended!