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Electric Guitar Effect PedalThe TC Chorus / Flanger is a true classic and is one of the most copied chorus sounds ever. This pedal is particularly impressive due to its flexibility and the analogue heat, which is unparalleled.

With the TC Electronic Vortex, a modern variant of the flanger section is now available. As with the model, the pedal is very luxuriously adjustable; the corona, however, is digital.

In addition to the usual controls (interesting here, the feedback control allows both negative as well as positive feedback), there is also a switch, which allows you to choose between Normal flanging, Tape flanger and Toneprint. The latter is the new TC Electronics feature: the TonePrint sounds and software updates can be called up via the Internet via USB - Possibly the future of music electronics?

The most important thing is that the sound sounds really warm and reminds us of the great model. From discreet floating sounds, Leslie-like songs to the popular jet fighter, everything that sounds good with such a flanger is covered.

  • Flanger
  • Mono / stereo in and out
  • Speed ​​- Depth - Feedback - Delay Time
  • 2 Different flanger settings
  • USB port for TonePrint sound and software updates
  • True Bypass
  • Power supply: 9 V DC power supply or battery operation (neither included)

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