Thomann Shaman Double Bass Flute

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Arvioitu toimituspäivä Perjantai, 29.01. - Maanantai, 1.02.

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Shaman Native American Bass Double Flute

Flutes of this type are often used in shaman work and for music therapy.

Few other instruments can touch and "reach" a person as they do.

  • 5-Hole flute
  • Tuning: Pentatonic
  • Key: E minor
  • No knowledge of reading sheet music is required for playing
  • Material: Pinewood
  • Sealed on inside and outside, therefore protected against humidity
  • The wonderful sound of the "medicinal flute of love" of the North American native indigenous captivates and soothes.
  • Included storage pouch

Yhteyshenkilösi: Puhallinosasto

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