Very pleased with the product!

I bought this violin, because I had dreamed of playing violin for a long time, and the set was cheap enough and seemed to be pretty good quality. I have been playing for almost 3 months now and I'm very satisfied with the violinset!

I think this violin is ideal for beginner, who is not going to play very competitively. When it was delivered to me, it was ready to play. The violin sounds nice and stays in tune, it's also very beautiful. The accessories are also fine. The D-string snapped after two weeks of playing and the violin has some stains in it, which I haven't been able to clean, but those things are only bad things I found.

Overall very good instrument in it's price range, I highly recommend for someone who want's to start playing! If you some day want to improve the sound to even better, you can try new strings or a new bow.