Traps A-400 Acoustic Drumset Bundle

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Bundle offer comprising

Traps A-400 Acoustic Drumset

  • Drum Set
  • Drum shells made of high-quality, durable ABS plastic
  • Remo drum heads
  • Traditional multi-screw tuning system - set can also be adapted to mesh heads and drum triggers and converted to an electric drum set
  • Chrome plated steel tubes
  • Cymbals not included

Drum shell configuration:

  • 20" Bass drum
  • 10" Tom tom
  • 12" Tom tom
  • 14" Tom tom
  • 12" Snare drum


  • Full rack system (collapsible)
  • Separate hi-hat stand
  • 2x Cymbal boom arms
  • Snare holder arm
  • Foot pedal

Traps A-400

  • Traps Bag SetConsists of:

  • Well padded Kit Bag with large inner pocket
  • Hardware Bag
  • Well padded, very good quality
  • A Trap set can be easily stowed and transported safely

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