Vibramate Vibramate V7-335 G-Series AL

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Vibramate V7-335 G-Series AL; Allparts No. TP-3772-001; Mounting Kit for a Bigsby B7 Vibrato on USA Arched Top Guitars; no modification or drilling required; automatically positions the Bigsby Vibrato in the proper orientation; 8,5" (216 mm) Mount; includes the Vibramate V7 mounting plate with felt-pads on the bottom for a soft touch to the top of your guitar, the felt-padded Tailpiece Plate for mounting the Hinge-Plate of the Bigsby B7 to the Strap Pin hole at the lower end of your guitar & a "CUSTOM MADE" nameplate cover with adhesive backing to cover the Stop Tail bores; Colour: Aluminum; Attention: There are 2 Sizes of the V7-335 Mounting Kit available depending on your specific model guitar; Vibramate V7 is designed for the Bigsby "Original" B7 Vibrato ONLY and will not work with other variations such as the "Licensed" B70 Model or the Import B700 Model; (a Bigsby Vibrato is not included)

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