Violectric HPA V220 black

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Headphone amplifier

  • Balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs with XLR and RCA (gold-plated contacts)
  • Configurable line outputs, fixed / variable: pre / post fader
  • Optional digital inputs can be retrofitted
  • 96 or 192 kHz
  • 3 individually selectable inputs on the front
  • Pre-gain: input gain in five steps
  • Separate signal paths
  • ALPS RK27 high-grade volume and balance controls
  • High-quality op-amps in the signal path
  • Discrete-design power amp with 8 transistors per channel
  • 2 silver-plated Neutrik headphone connectors
  • Relay-based headphone output cut-off with delayed switch-on
  • Output management via buttons on the front panel : active line outputs, active headphone outputs, both active, both off (mute)
  • Toroidal transformers: 25 W
  • Large filtering capacitors in the power supply: 18,000 uF
  • Ground lift switchable
  • Thick-walled housing with Nextel coating
  • Solid, laser-engraved aluminium front panel
  • Various options available
  • Colour on the front: black
  • Device feet: silver


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