VSL Vienna Instrument Pro

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VSL Vienna Instrument Pro (ESD); sample player software; intelligent Performance Detection for all Vienna Instruments; Human Performance Control for adjusting the timing and intonation; Auto-Playback and Pattern Sequencer offers a variety of presets with chord voicings and phrases; enveloped time stretching determines which part of an articulation should be manipulated; polyphonic legato when using Legato Performance Patches; auto voicing for stacked multi-instruments; fast loading times with load progress bar allows to play the sounds while the sample patches are still loading; adjustable tuning scales; integrated algorithmic reverb; browser with search function; 3 licenses included; supported formats: standalone / VST2 / VST3 / AU / AAXnative; system requirements: Win7 min., Mac OSX 10.10 min., Dual Core CPU, 2 GB RAM, internet connection, Vienna Key (item 193306)


Yhteyshenkilösi: Studio/Synth/Computer