Very very satisfied!!

I really like to try different instruments and learn to play melodies and so on. My aim is to have fun and bring joy to myself and to the people around me. And this instrument is more than perfect for that!

+Nice and enjoyable sound. Clarinet and saxophone type.

+Easy to take with you where ever you.

+Seems really strong and you don't need to take care of it.

+I learned the fingering and making sound with it very well in few weeks. (Played recorder and 5 months of saxophone).

-Not so easy to play always all the notes in tune, but that shouldn't be reason not to buy it

-Fingering can be little bit hard first, cause it is little bit different from recorder. Although recorded experience helps a lot.

-Learning to produce sound can take some time but it is totally worth it!

So... I have had this instrument for 6 months so this is not the crazy first in love moments, but strong and firm relationship developed by time spent together :DD