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Thank you for dropping by, and for your interest in the history of Musikhaus Thomann.My name is Hans Thomann and I have been the Managing Director of Musikhaus Thomann since nc!anzkunden99nc!anzmitarbeiter. The company was founded by my father, Hans Thomann Sr., in 1954. From the time I was 1!nclink compinfo_route.html! years old, my father began to make me part of the business step by step. For the Thomann family, music has always been a passion and a cental pursuit in our lives.

I am a precision instrument engineer and a wind instrument maker by training. I was quite young when my father put me in charge of the company, and he gave me a lot of invaluable advice to guide me along the way. One of the things he used to say which has proven most valuable was to always listen to the customers and learn from them. Though a lot has changed since then, our motto was and remains: It is our customers who determine our decisions. I am proud that we have remained an independent family-owned company even with our 1.420 employees and more than 9.650.000 customers. Our shared passion for music is what connects us and what characerizes the way we work at Thomann.

Selling the best products at the best price is one of our key strengths. Service is no less important. We want you to get the most for your money while shopping with us, and for that we have devised our own creed: Added Value. For instance, we've been offering a general 30-Day Money-Back Guaranteesince 1995 - long before the EU came up with the directive on mail order purchases. On top of that, in 2005 we decided to offer an extended warranty period of three years. Happy customers make us happy in return, and we cherish the family atmosphere in our shop.

I therefore cordially invite you to come visit our "campus" in Treppendorf near Bamberg (Bavaria) and to discover the "Thomann spirit" yourself. Just follow your musical inclination - this ishow to find us.

Sincerely yours

Hans Thomann

Le service

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    Avant l’achat: Selon nous, le service commence dès la sélection des produits que nous vous proposons. Nous sommes joignables par téléphone, email, et au sein de notre magasin pour vous proposer notre aide et nos conseils, avant que vous ne réalisiez vos achats.
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    A l’expédition: Nous optimisons constamment notre logistique et notre capacité de stockage afin de vous livrer toujours plus vite!
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    Après l’achat: Si vous faites face à des difficultés techniques, nous ne vous abandonnerons pas : nous avons des équipes de techniciens à votre disposition. Ces derniers vous aideront rapidement et efficacement.

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