Hohner FlexCase XL

98 € TVA et frais de port incl.
Disponible en 2-3 semaines

Détails produits

Hohner FlexCase XL, maximum flexibility in configuration: Thanks to partly removable foam insert, the case offers space for 48 diatonic harmonicas or 30 diatonic harmonicas plus two three-octave chromatic harmonicas or 30 diatonic harmonicas plus a four-octave chromatic harmonica, depending on the combination also a vocal microphone Bullet microphone with cable or numerous accessories and tool space; the foam insert protects each harmonica individually, avoiding scratches or bumps; because the harmonica are standing, the entire contents of the FlexCase XL can be seen at a glance during a live performance; a Velcro-mounted tool bag can also be removed so that the tool can be stowed in the baggage during a flight; another bag, which can be used either for a chromatic harmonica or to store the shoulder strap when not in use, is also attached with Velcro; The FlexCase XL can be completely closed with a zipper and thus guarantees safe transport of the instruments; a handle and a removable shoulder strap ensure optimum comfort; Size: 37cm x 24cm x 14cm; Color: Black


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